We are hair enthusiasts. We source our hair from the same places many of your top LA, Atlanta, Chicago and New York salons do. We keep our operation costs low by avoiding overpriced warehouse spaces and overpriced store fronts in cities most people don’t end up traveling to make their hair purchases. We’d much rather sell the same great products as our big city competitors and pass the savings on to you, or customer.

We believe that before attempting to sell any product you must first be a student of your industry, a lover of your craft and create a brand that has purpose. A brand should deliver honest, quality products. We take the time to travel the world to research and learn how our hair is produced. We care about what life is like for our hair donors. We believe in being socially conscious and responsible. It’s not all about selling hair; your overall well-being and happiness are so important to us. We stand by every single product we ship out. There’s a little part of our hearts and souls in every bundle. We hope you love our product as much as we do.

Thank you for visiting.

Team SoTress