Why you should wear hair extensions, even if you are natural

There is a wide spread misconception that you cannot be natural and wear Virgin Hair.  However, there are many advantages to incorporating Virgin Hair in your natural hair care plans.  Below are just a few to consider:
  1.  Weaves are great protective styles with low manipulationWeaves are a great way to grow your hair to longer lengths because no more manipulation on your real hair is required until you are actually ready to remove your hair extensions. If protective styles are done correctly and maintained properly, you will see significant hair growth and that is a fact! Below are a list of protective hairstyles you can try on your own hair.
  2. Hair extensions looks like natural: Brunettes, blondes and even redheads can get a set of extensions that easily matches their shade. What’s more, these beauty items are often made of human hair, so it will blend in with your own hair to create a natural, healthy look.
  3. You can completely change your look: Make an impression everywhere you go! Extensions for your hair will frame your face beautifully and add volume to your hair. You will look and feel more confident.
  4. They are more affordable than you think: When you consider how many times you go to your favorite hair salon to alter your style, the money you spend could be invested in a versatile hair extension set that lasts.
  5. They are easy and simple to apply: You don’t have to visit s professional stylish for a makeover to add length and volume to your hair. Hair extension are easy to add and simple to remove. You can change your look anytime; and you can even have more than one pair to go with your mood.
  6. They give quick results: As we know that hair takes time to grow. If you are looking for an instant change in your look, clip-in hair extensions are great to use while you are growing out your real hair.
So if you are looking for a different look or just need to give your hair a rest while it grows out, give our Virgin Hair products a try.
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What is Natural Hair?

Welcome to the Sotress Hair Blog, your hair’s favorite website.  We are your number one source for Virgin Hair and hair care products.  For our first blog, we want to set the tone for what natural hair is and what it is not.

With the rise in popularity of natural hair, there are a number of misconceptions regarding what natural hair is.  What you find is that there is a “natural hair spectrum.”  On one end of the spectrum, you have the “purists,” who believe you are not natural unless your hair is in its absolute natural state.  On the other end of the spectrum are those who believe that natural hair is the absence of chemicals.  And others who are not a part of the natural hair care movement think it is merely a hairstyle.

The technical definition of natural hair is hair whose texture has not been altered by chemical straightners, including relaxers or texturizers.  Hair that is treated with heat or pressed also qualifies as natural, because once the hair is washed, it will return to its natural, unaltered state.  Colored hair is more of a gray area, because over time, it can change the texture of the hair.
Regardless of where you fall on the natural hair spectrum, everyone may benefit from the use of virgin hair extensions.  Whether you want a different look, are transitioning or merely need to give your hair a rest.
We will explore this topic, and many others on this blog.
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